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“There’s Not an App for That is easy to read and hard to forget. For most of us in business and all of us in relationships, effective communication is critical. Cary reveals to us that the key to effective communication is not the message that is sent, but the message that is received.”

-John C. Jarosz, Economist and Testifying Expert Witness

“Cary Pfeffer is one of the sharpest communication experts I know and There’s Not an App for That should be required reading for anyone hoping to lead in business and life.”

-Doug Ducey, Arizona Governor and former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery

“Cary’s insight helps us identify successful communication skills and, with simple clarity, he shares how to ‘get to the good stuff’ immediately. Cary has not only mastered this in his own life but has coached and delivered these skills to many.”

-Shauna Forsythe, President and CEO, Alliance Airport Advertising

“Engaging, enlightening and sound advice for executives, leaders and those working to improve their communication skills.”

-Kathleen H. Goeppinger, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer, Midwestern University

“Whether you are an experienced speaker or a nervous novice, this book will make you better. Cary Pfeffer has distilled many years of C-level counsel to clear, practical advice for anyone who needs to deliver an important message.”

-John Hatfield, Vice President of Communications, Arizona Public Service

“Cary is a genius when it comes to communicating with others. What’s more, his story is inspiring. There’s Not an App for That prepares us for interactions with business associates, employees, family members and friends.”

–Mike Pendergraft, Founder and CEO, American Valet

“Your verbal communications are crucial. When you write/text/tweet you compose, tweak and amend before you hit ‘Send’. But, when you speak, it is out there. Bold, bald and irretrievable. Cary’s guidance is golden! What to say, and not. When to say it, and not. How to say it, and not. Fun to read. Essential knowledge. Priceless advice.”

-Pete Agur, Chairman, The VanAllen Group


"There's Not an App for That!", Just $20 + S/H

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